Sisterly Adventures (Part 2)

Good Morning you beautiful people you!

I want to take you on another journey, that involves my wonderful little sister.
Over the last month, it has been pretty hectic to say the least. The boyfriend and I have been working on getting a lot of our shit packed to move into out apartment (WHICH IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!!!), I’ve also been trying to juggle work and home life and it seems to always cause problems.

However, I did run into a bit of good luck! How many people do you know that can say that they have won more than 3 concerts from a radio station… Probably not many (unless they are super cool like myself…)

So last month, I was listening to one of my favorite local morning radio stations on my drive to work; they had made the announcement that they would be doing a Meet & Greet with Alessia Cara. Now, if you don’t know who that is you should probably GTS* because she has the voice of an angel. I could listen to this girl sing for DAYS! I figured why not I have a couple of minutes to kill before walking into work, I called…it rang busy. I called again..busy, by this point i’m like “okay, if I call again and I don’t get an answer i’m just going to give up.” I call again…”Thanks for calling WNCI.” – I paused… “umm, yeah I was calling for the Alessia Cara tickets?” the voice on the other end “Oh yeah! Congrats your caller 25!” I was very nonchalant about the hole thing, so Sam from the radio station took my information down and told me to be at the studio with my plus 1 on Thursday @ 3pm.

Thursday at 3….CRAP, I work that day… luckily I got everything figured out as far as work goes and was able to get the time off. I texted my sister who normally joins me in celebrating music and invited her to come along; doing so I found out that she also loves Alessia and her music.

So while at work that day, I got an email from one of the ladies in HR who handles our sports tickets, saying that she had concert tickets to some of the artists performing at the Ohio State Fair. I noticed on this list of artists that Charlie Puth w/. DNCE would be performing. “Why not” I figured, it was a free drawing and I know that DNCE are great live. I put my name in. I waiting until the next morning where I found out that I had by a fluke won the tickets! Well dang, I was on a roll.
I didn’t think that my luck was going to continue.

Thursday came, my sister and I went to the WNCI studio where we waiting for a good hour before they even took us back to their “performance room”, where Alessia would be playing. 13645179_896772060459109_1302953938723368154_nMy sister and I grabbed the front row seats and waiting patiently.
After about 15 more minutes out came Alessia, she talked for a little bit about the two songs she was going to sing and in my head I was like “…oh, I just waited for an hour and a half for her to sing two songs..”

Her performance was killer…

I don’t even care that she only sang two songs, those two songs that she sang acoustically was probably one of the better artists I’ve seen live. After she did her two songs we were given the opportunity to ask her a couple questions, after that was done we got to have our pictures taken with Alessia. I told my sister to get towards the back of the line that way we could get a selfie with her, which she was kind enough to take.

Then we along with about 3 other groups of two were asked to wait back.

That’s when Alessia and her manager asks the group of us if we would like to go to the Cold-play show that she was opening up for, because they had some free tickets?!
So here I was in two day I had gotten free tickets to not only 1 but 3 concerts.

13886255_896770027125979_1866418066040114063_n.jpgThe Cold-play concert was incredible it was a huge party with a cool light show, lots of confetti, streamers, balloons falling from the sky. Oh and the seats were great too, for being given these tickets for free we were pretty dang close to the stage. You know the so close to the stage where you would have the confetti fall in your hair, down your shirt, in you purse type of close. It was incredible, even my younger sister who had never even heard of Cold-play enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised. I would rank that show in my top 3 for sure. I recommend to anyone who reads this, if you are given the option to attend a Cold-play show DO IT!

The day after this show, my sister and I had another concert to attend. We were pretty excited for Charlie Puth & DNCE. If you read part 1 of Sisterly Adventures you would know that we saw them with Selena Gomez. 13872925_10206980659463925_981517139207779112_nWe get to the fair grounds and grab ourselves something deep fried (because there is a rule that if you visit a fair you have to get deep fried everything otherwise your not “american”), and grabbed our seats. Again, I am surprised at how close we were. The only problem that I would have to say I had was that most of the seats were on the floor, so there was no elevation for those of us who are of the short stature to see over those giant beasts. Alas, the show was incredible, DNCE opened for Charlie Puth, and everything we expected of them the brought to the table. Charlie Puth, whom I had never seen perform live was just as incredible as the act that opened for him.

He played nothing but piano, and talked a little bit about his life. Apparently, he didn’t think that he was going to be a pop sensation because all he wanted to do, and did growing up was play in a jazz band. I also had never realized how many hit songs that he had, before going to his show. He brought a lot of energy to the stage and I don’t even want to mention all of the screaming girl-children. I think if I were going to go to another show of his, he would be able to do more. Aside from him, cracking jokes and playing piano the show was pretty bland.

I think that I’m a pretty lucky girl for being able to take my sister do cool shit like this.
Hopefully in the future the good karma will flow my way and I’ll continue to be able to do this.

Be sure to join us again on our wonderful adventures!

*GTS: Google That Shit


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