Sisterly Adventures.

My little sister is my most favorite human on the planet (aside from my brother of course).  We have a bond, and I never realized how special a sisterly bond is, until she was born. She lived with my mom while growing up so her and I were never really close until I got a car and my own place. Since she is 7 years younger than me, we haven’t ever really had a whole lot to talk about. We never really had too much in common. While my sister was growing up, there was a “lovely” gentleman named Justin Bieber, she was to say the least obsessed with him; everything all the time is “Justin Bieber this, Justin Bieber that…”

When my sister was 12 for Christmas I got her tickets to see Justin Bieber in our city, she was so ecstatic. I remember it like it was yesterday… she opened her present, inside it was his newest album, she opened the CD case….and inside it was a note, the note told her that she was going to see Justin in concert. She cried. At the show, she was so happy, she cried there too. (See her cry face picture) I give her crap about it to this day. It made my heart to happy to be able to do something like that for her.

So of course, when he decided to come back to Columbus, 4 years later I had no choice again but to take her. So, I gather the family…got the money, and BAM Christmas day she opens again another Justin related present only to see that she again is going to see him in concert. Wanna know what happened after that? You guessed it, she cried AGAIN. I really think my sister is just a big cry baby. Not really, I love her. I think my favorite thing about her is that not only is she as feisty as I am, but she shares my love for music.

So, about a month or so ago I get a notification on my phone from Facebook. My sister had tagged my in a post about a Selena Gomez concert…”Kenzee, please”. So what did I do, I bought tickets to see Selena Gomez. I don’t know what she would do without me, considering our brother doesn’t have the same likes in music as we do.

I think all in all, I did pretty well. We had really great seats at both shows. We enjoyed the music, and got our merchandise. I like to treat her to dinner before we go, we scream the words to all the songs, and take lots of pictures. For those who have siblings I hope that you all do things together, that gives you bonding time. I’m thankful for these moments with her, without these moments; she would never learn to be as cool as I am.




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