Happy Donut Day!

Okay, okay, I know that this is a day late and a dollar short. Get off my back, Jesus!

Yesterday was national donut day, it was a pretty delicious day if I do say so myself. I worked, so I didn’t have the opportunity to start my day off with a sugar bagel. I did however call up my mom and suggest her and my sister come with me to try out this new donut shop that just opened in town.



So here’s the run down, your on this not so great side of town, you see the sign about 200 feet before you actually see the building. You pull into the parking lot (because the drive-thru isn’t set up yet) and you see that there is a line out the door. You would think that this would have something to do with the fact that it’s national donut day and the shop is giving away a free bag of donut holes; but actually this is how it is everyday.20160603_175643

My sister, mom and I get in line. When we finally get into the building (about 3-4 minutes later), you notice that this isn’t a very big store. Then you see them, the FOUR cases of donuts. My mouth started to salivate. Above the cash register there are three tv’s that are scrolling through the different types of donuts they offer and the different prices they have. Finally we get up to the case and decide that we would split a box of a dozen, which is $15 if you’re looking to feed the family. At the time, there were three girls working each case of donuts; which was a great idea considering how many they have to offer and how busy they seem to be each day. “What would you like out of this case”, she asks…..blueberry cheesecake, almond joy, candy corn, cherry lemon, nutella fluff; how exactly do these people expect us to make this kind of decision.

We get to the register after choosing our 12 donuts. I had the opportunity to talk to some of the girls up front working near the register. 20160603_175649One of the girls had been there since 7 in the morning, while the poor girl working the register said that she had gotten to the store at 2 AM to make sure there were donut holes in bags for the customers that came into the store, and didn’t think that she would have the chance to leave until close which was at 10 PM.


If you have the time to get yourself some donuts from Amy’s I strongly recommend it.
After trying one for the first time, all the sugar goes straight to your blood.
While yes, these donuts are delicious they will surely make you want to go into a sugar coma right after.

Donuts Pictured: 
Nutella Fluff
Cherry Lemon
Andes Mint
Dessert Military Camo Cake
Mini M&M’s 
Vanilla Sprinkles
Chocolate Sprinkles

Now, go get yourself some donuts and piss off.

Check out the donuts here.



20 thoughts on “Happy Donut Day!

      1. And nope our donuts r pretty standard. Krispy Kremes are in a few places but nothing as cool as those on ur blog! 👌🏻

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