A lost tradition.

Since being in a relationship, one that I have been in now for almost 4 years; I have come to notice something that I get that a lot of women don’t. A tradition that has been lost over many decades.

When my grandparents were alive, I watched them. I watched how they interacted with one another. Back what seems like so long ago men used to open doors for their women, they used manors with one another, it wasn’t an equal partnership. Now, I understand that back then women were supposed to stay home, cook & clean while their man went to work to bring home that “bacon”; so things have OBVIOUSLY changed.

When did it become a constant battle of who’s right and who’s wrong? A war, so to speak. 

Now a-days marriage isn’t a commitment that a couple is making for the rest of their lives, remember the whole “till death do us part” line that is spoken during the ceremony…now its till shit hits the fan, and life gets hard.

FUN FACT: 40 -50% of married couple get divorce in America.

In 1950, the divorce rate was only at 27%….what happened exactly.

I see couples at the grocery store talking with such anger, men checking out other women in front of their partner and children. Today, it seems like its okay for adultery to occur in a relationship. It is truly disgusting.

Women, we are such emotional souls that I’ve seem some of the most beautiful women get sucked into a “relationship” that is a shit show to being with. Being a part of a relationship with a man that is already married, that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that the wives of those adulterers stay with these men – even though they know of their actions, why…because of the money.

Now, I know that my post may seem very one sided, I know that women are not always the victims of these situations. Women are just as guilty.

The point of it all is that, the term marriage and relationship needs to be rebuilt. Not only because we need to regain the tradition of our ancestors, but also because what are we teaching the children that we surround ourselves with.

Everyone as a whole needs to understand that actions have reactions, and that things will get hard, nothing about living is easy. Be thankful and gracious that you have found someone who has decided to make any sort of commitment to you, someone who wants to see you at your worst and your best.

But remember to be strong.


4 thoughts on “A lost tradition.

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly! My husband only opens the car door for me when we go on dates now. However I am proud to say we take the till death do us part seriously. A few years back we had a hiccup and really considered divorce, but we went through counseling instead and really came through the rough patch. We are happier than ever now and I honestly hate the thought of ever having to start over with someone else.


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    1. I really like the idea of counseling, a lot of people talk poorly about it and they’re judgmental about couples that do that, like there is something completely wrong but in reality you need a 3rd party that’s not involved and biased.

      Thanks for your point of view


  2. I’m on the same boat. It’s sad. Luckily I grew up in a family where my parents have been married for well over 35 years now. I know it’s possible, they respect each other. Guys just don’t want to get married like they used to and commitment has gone out the window it seems. It’s so easy for people to cheat nowadays it seems and the media , movies, tv shows promote infidelity. Its a sticky situation and a sad one.

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