Life Lessons.

Hello All

Remember that time that I made a blog about my Prom Redo, and I said how much of a great time I had with my friend and that she won these tickets to go see Rihanna in Atlanta, Ga; and she made this big statement about how she wouldn’t have won those tickets without me?

A load of bullshit.

This was a great life lesson for me. I have learned that I need to pick my friends a lot better. I can understand wanting to take your boyfriend on some trip, but maybe instead of creating lies around the situation, just tell me the truth.

Something that I have learned growing up is I cannot stand people lying to me. I have lost trust in many of people that way, but I have also learned that karma is a great friend of mine. Any time that I have been wronged, karma has come to punch those assholes in the face.

A lot of people don’t understand why they don’t have a lot of friends, well someone needs to be the one to tell them that it’s because they’re an ugly person. Their soul is filled with negative energy, and no one wants to associate themselves with negative energies. For someone who goes above and beyond for people, I sure have been fucked over quite a few times. I’ve learned to just delete those people from my life.

My circle, while it may be tiny and full of just a handful of people; it is filled with people who feel the same way about me that I do them. These people have no need to lie, or belittle me. To those people I want to say thank you. Thank you for always being there for me no matter how silly a situation may be, and I hope to continue to travel the world with you all.

…. and to those of you who have ever talked poorly about me, or have fucked me over, guess what bitches…fucking KARMA…

oh and also…you can fuck off. 🙂


One thought on “Life Lessons.

  1. I could have done without all the lauguage, but I’m proud of you! I love you and I miss you! Keep going up in like, you truly are a beautiful person. What I have came to realize not ever deserves to be in your life, even if you love them.

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