Part Two: Prom Redo

Good Morning!

Lets pick up where we left off shall we?



May 13th, 2016… I decided to wake my happy ass up at 4:30AM to get ready for prom. Fuckin’ prom. Not just any prom though Dave & Jimmy’s Prom Redo. Fucking A right?  I get dressed up in my old prom dress, do something cute with my hair and get my happy ass on the road. Brining my pal Katie along with me. 13092110_10206452094930142_1239986735200192842_n

When we got to the studio, I remember thinking that I had never seen so many grown ass adults dressed up so early for anything before. Prom kicks off, people are dancing, they had desserts, pizza, drinks. DE-Ray Davis was there dressed in his tux – looking good DE-Ray! They had a great DJ there, a photo booth. All in all it was a great fuckin time. They were giving away some prizes… I ended up winning some movie/TV show memorabilia. Pretty cool stuff.
Then the big thing happened.

They announced they would be pulling a ticket for an all expense paid trip to Atlanta, GA to see Rihanna… Kelsey sticks her hand in the bucket… she starts reading the numbers…2…2…7…3…2…2…1 – SHIT! It was one off from my ticket, then I heard a familiar scream of joy….KATIE WON! Holy SHIT! -This was super exciting, she went up to Jimmy Jam and he was like – well Katie, did you go to prom? Her response was one that was really unexpected; “I wouldn’t be here without Kenzie”.

So not only did I get to redo my shitty ass prom, but I get to go to Atlanta with one of the coolest girls ever. Right, I know… How much luckier can I get?

Get on my level.


Piss Off.





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