Prom Redo.

Do you remember YOUR high school prom?

I do. That’s for damn sure. So lets take this back about 6 years ago to my Junior prom,  it was probably the worst prom story that a normal high school student could have. My boyfriend, for the sake of anyone reading this knowing him, lets call him….dickfuckface. Yeah, I like the sound of that. So, dickfuckface and I were supposed to go to my Junior prom, and with him not attending my high school I had to jump though all these hoops just to make sure he would be allowed into the venue.

Two days before my prom, dickfuckface tells me that he has to “babysit” his younger brother. Fine. I ended up with a back up date to prom, but our original groups had already made plans and reservations to dinner so we just decided that we would meet up at prom that night.  Fast forward, two hours into prom my 2nd date is a no-show. What the hell is going on with my dates!? I got frustrated this was just ridiculous, I called him. Well great, hes 2 hours north, his dip shit friend routed them to the wrong place and on top of that, my dates car breaks down and he had to have it junked for parts. Needless to say he didn’t make it to prom.

By now i’m sure you’re wondering, “wow could this get any worse…?” well, it can! One of the girls that a group of mine hung out with, decided that she was going to visit her boyfriend in West Virginia and attend his prom, on the way there she gets in an accident that ended up taking her life. Pretty tragic. By this time, i’m ready to leave – I go to my … oh i’m sorry, I got to dickfuckface’s house and guess what?!….I catch him with a girl. Perfect, fuck it; i’m going home. I get home, I go to sleep;  by this time my mom has already been filled in on the drama. Dickfuckface, has the audacity to text and call both mine and my mothers phone, eventually resulting in dickheadfuckface sending my mom a picture of one of his weapons, telling her that if she doesn’t wake me up she’ll have a new friend.

After a horrible prom, I decided not to attend my senior prom.
Each day, regretting the fact that I would never get another prom again.
Fortunately for me, I got the opportunity to take a good friend of mine to Prom Redo.


Greatest. Night. Ever.

If you want to know how prom 2k16 went, you’ll have to stand by for Prom Redo



2 thoughts on “Prom Redo.

  1. Actually where i live, i.e Pakistan, there’s no real concept of ‘prom’, you may find in some elite A-levels schools and other posh high schools. The concept of prom is replaced by ‘Farewells’, its a replacement of prom, i guess. In which we dress up, give titles, have an entertainment session in which he dance or sing and whatnot and then we enjoy the buffet. We follow the same ‘rituals’ of prom. Anyways, i found your experience highly enjoyable 😀

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    1. This was way too cool! I never thought of prom as an american tradition. While, in ways you do still have what we would call prom – reading this gave me a really nice insight into what some other countries do.

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