Here it is, my first post among hopefully many. I’ve never thought about blogging before, but you only live once right, so fuck it!

For those who don’t know me, hello… my name is Mackenzie – but please don’t call me that. My friends and family call me Kenzie, and I consider you all my friends. I mean, I should right? If i’ll be posting about my life, giving you all the up close and personal. I curse like a sailor, but anymore who doesn’t? My life is full of crazy stories and memories, and you all will get to come along with me on this adventure!


Adventure is out there!”


This is one of my favorite quotes, Disney movies touch me in all the naughty places! Growing up, I can remember watching Beauty and The Beast on repeat. While watching this movie, there was a conversation I recall having with my brother – whom I’m sure during the course of my blogging you’ll hear about more and more frequently. While watching, Noah asks me “Kenzie, why would someone drop a baby on their head?”, while this was such an innocent question it didn’t make any fucking sense..I responded “Noah..what are you talking about?”. Apparently, my 7 year old brother understood this movie that I had watched probably 600 times more than I did. It didn’t even occur to me that chip, this tiny little baby teacup has a huge ass crack in his head! Which means, when The Beast falls in love, Chip is going to turn into a small child with a huge gash in his forehead! Obviously, his parents didn’t treat him very well. I hope when all was said in done, someone called CPD on their asses.


…. Just look at how scared this fucker looks.

Who am I kidding, it’s Disney…

That’s all for today.

Piss Off.




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